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Volume 8 – Chapter 45: Love Song (Part 1)

“It’s no wonder that we found this Qian Guoliang is still alive, and the one who died turned out to be an unidentified person.”

After listening to what Ah Li said, Officer Ma suddenly realized that for a special agent, stealing or forging ident.i.ty was a very normal thing.

“But… but this Qian Guoliang already died on the s.h.i.+p.” Lin Feng frowned at this time, “So, maybe it was this mysterious agent codenamed King who did it? But since they are going to meet each other, why did this King kill Qian Guoliang?”

Ma Houde said, “Let’s go back to the Captain… Ah Li , why did you follow Mu Enli?”

Ah Li said seriously, “I have been observing this ‘Qian Guoliang’ secretly since getting on the s.h.i.+p. I found that he and Mu Enli came into contact twice. The first time was when he just boarded the s.h.i.+p. There was a brief contact between them on the deck. At that time, Qian Guoliang was surrept.i.tiously looking for something on the deck when tourists were not allowed to enter, but he was later hooted by the Captain.”

Ah Li recalled, “I didn’t feel suspicious at the time, but then I found out that Qian Guoliang was in contact with the Captain again… in a j.a.panese restaurant onboard. They also had a brief conversation at the time. At that time, there was obviously something wrong with the Captain’s expression.”

“About what time was that?” asked Ma Houde.

“After we set off, about four o’clock in the afternoon.” Ah Li said, “Later, Qian Guoliang and Fei Ying met with each other, but I was too far away. I could not hear what they talked about. After that, Fei Ying and Qian Guoliang went back to the room together, and Qian Guoliang came out again shortly after. I quietly followed, but this time he seemed to have noticed that someone was following him.”

Ah Li sighed and shook her head, “Obviously, he escaped from me. I had no choice but to hang around near his room in the meantime to see if he will come back… Unexpectedly, Qian Guoliang died on the deck the next day.”

Ma Houde frowned, “You said that the Captain was in contact with Qian Guoliang twice… but it’s weird. When Qian Guoliang was found on the deck, I remember Mu Enli did not mention that he had seen this person. He concealed this! The Captain seems to be getting more suspicious… By the way, Zi Ling, didn’t you say that you found something? What is it?”

Officer Ma asked loudly towards Ren Ziling.

Aunty Ren stared at Ah Li with an uncomfortable face as she walked over, but she still said with a serious face, “Old Ma, the video in the surveillance room you have seen before was tampered with. The footage from three to six in the morning last night was replaced. I guess it was replaced with footage from previously. So when you watch it, you can’t find anything useful at all.”

“What?” Ma Houde was taken aback, “Are you sure?”

“I’m also a professional reporter, so won’t I be able to notice this from t

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