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It was about 12 midnight, Cheng Yun handled the media, the traffic policeman, Ms. Zhang, and his boss's instructions, as well as Cheng Yiran. He was exhausted, but had to act as energetic.

In the hospital lift, Cheng Yun drank a can of Red Bull, then patted his faces. He tidied his clothes, and then pushed open the door in high spirits.

Zhong Luochen was still there, closing his eyes on the sofa. Seeing Cheng Yun come in, he opened his eyes.

Cheng Yun glanced at Cheng Yiran who didn't wake up, and walked to Zhong Luochen, and said, "Second Master, I got Hong Guan's background."

"Tell me in the next room." Zhong Luochen said. Then the two went to another sickroom.

Zhong Luochen pulled open the curtain that had a view of the whole city. And Cheng Yun said, "Hong Guan and Cheng Yiran had a band last time and they were good brothers…"

Cheng Yun told him all he knew and time slowly pa.s.sed.

"…As for the ward of Hong Guan's wife, it was applied under the name of Li Zifeng."

He added, "Li Zifeng is so cunning, he didn't report to the company the background of Cheng Yiran, who even stayed in jail."

"Prisoners can be a hero as well." Zhong Luochen said calmly, "But… you said Hong Guan came to blackmail?"

"Li Zifeng said so." Cheng Yun frowned, "But when I asked him just now, I found that he looked weird, maybe he still hid something… but he's an old employee of Heaven's Shadow, so I dared not ask him using the strongest ways."

Zhong Luochen suddenly shook his head, "I have met Hong Guan, he doesn't look like a blackmailer… Of course, it's just my feeling."

"Then, should I go check again?" Cheng Yun narrowed his eyes… He had many other ways to get that information.

He knew his boss desired to control everything.

Zhong Luochen finally nodded after some thought.

Cheng Yun continued, "But Second Young Master, if Cheng Yiran cannot wake up, how is the program…"

"Proceed normally." Zhong Luochen said, "The stage has been built, and the ground has been rented until the program finishes. If he cannot wake up, then skip that and they can find a solution to make the program interesting, so long as they don't disqualify him."

"Got it."

"I'm tired and will go back now." Zhong Luochen instructed, "Tell me as soon as possible if Cheng Yiran wakes up."

"No problem!"

While Zhong Luochen left the hospital, he thought of what he witnessed a moment ago. After Hong Guan left, he ordered both bodyguards to play that guitar.

"Why could only Hong Guan achieve that…" Zhong Luochen looked back at the lights of the hospital and said to himself, "Why? Is there any mysterious principle?"

But he soon went into his car, taking out his cellphone, and making a phone call to his family steward---Old Luo, in Beijing.

"Grandpa Luo, sorry to bother you."

"That's OK, Old Master just went to sleep. What can I do for you, Second Young Master?"

Zhong Luochen stayed silent for a moment, then he

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