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It was 1km away from the gymnasium… in other words, the house was around here.

Cheese frowned he opened the manhole and climbed out… go home? Maybe Iron Whistle was waiting for him there.

"What am I doing…"

But he shook his head with a bitter smile--- it was inappropriate to sneak out of the pet hospital, let alone going to meet Iron Whistle.

Iron Whistle killed one of Master Gui's followers and wanted to kill Xiaojiang… Without Wind, Xiaojiang may…

It reminded Cheese that Xiaojiang would hate him if he went to Iron Whistle.

He breathed deeply, grasping the entrance ticket and decided to go to the gym… "I'm so stupid, why not make a phone call to ask if Nini will come?"

Actually, he was afraid of something, such as Nini saying 'I cannot go because I have something to do. Let's cancel it/ or let's go next time.' etc.

He didn't know why he was afraid.

He would rather wait for the worst result, than hear the refusal.

He was careful, expected, so ambivalent, and foolish… his heart beat faster.

The street lights started to radiate around him… how many similar shadows are there in this city? The shadows describing youth, full of ignorance, and gasping before they knew what love was.

At that moment, someone was gazing at Cheese's shadow silently.

That was from a pair of eyes, who walked under the light. The figure flashed across the street and then vanished.

Like a chameleon, it hid in the gap between the night and the street light. It approached him little by little…

'Let me eat you tonight…'

It didn't want to bear the pain or the hunger… 'Cheese, let me eat you.'

It was just a creature deferring to its nature and hoped it would live a better life.

"Here! Here!"

This woman waved her arm from a far place---It was Ren Ziling.

Lizi peeped at the two coming under the night lights---Luo Qiu and You Ye.

She said, "Didn't expect Luo Qiu to come with his girlfriend… Sister Ren, how do you do it? I feel it is the most difficult thing!"

Ren Ziling sneered, "There's nothing I cannot achieve! I cooked last evening and screwed everything up in the kitchen. Then said I'll cook for the next week as well. It will make that brat give in."

"What do you mean give in?" Luo Qiu asked… he walked closer to them and heard their conversation.

"Ah… Hahaha, nothing, is there? You misheard it!" Ren Ziling turned toward a spotlight and blew a whistle, "You Ye is so pretty today!"

"h.e.l.lo, Ms. Ren." The servant girl nodded to Ren Ziling with a smile, looking like a n.o.ble lady.

"Come here, they're your tickets." Ren Ziling pa.s.sed two tickets to You Ye, then pushed the two, "It's time to go in! The fifth row in the VIP area, don't make a mistake!"

As they left 10 meters away, You Ye chuckled, "Ms. Ren is always pa.s.sionate."

"Is she?" Luo Qiu shook his head, and said calmly, "Because she always thinks too much… but I sometimes satisfy her to avoid extra trouble."

'It's annoying to see a battlefield-like kitchen…

'If another week is like this, it'll be rather annoying…'

"Fine. They went in, so should we do our work?" Lizi notified Ren Ziling. As a journalist, they had more important things to do tonight.

"OK, let's go in after a cigarette. Who asked us to be poor guys." Ren Ziling shrugged.

Lizi excitedly observed Ren Ziling's behavior and suddenly asked smilingly, "But Sister Ren, did you find Luo Qiu and You Ye looking…"


Lizi inhaled a breath, "Like a cloud meeting a breeze. Do you think your son and his wife will be cold towards s.e.xual desires?"

"Shut up b*tch! I'm waiting for my grandson!" Ren Ziling rolled up her eyes, and whispered, "But… will they? This brat goes back home every night and never sleeps outside… could he…"

Lizi shrugged, then opened a lollipop, licking it while making 'tut' voice.

Lizi with the intention of making a joke suddenly said, "Sister

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