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Volume 8 – Chapter 47: Surrender

… You haven’t found it yet?” Ma Houde was in contact with Lin Feng, “You guys come back first. There was not enough manpower just now, so I had to ask Zi Ling to help. Now that backup is here, let them start the search.”

After speaking, Officer Ma turned off the phone, then glanced at Ah Li. Ah Li didn’t say anything, which meant that she had no opinion on Ma Houde’s arrangement.

The ranking of these two had undergone tremendous changes. From a professional standpoint, Ma Houde naturally understood that everything must be based on Ah Li’s wish.

This place was temporarily cleared out. It was dedicated as a command room. Of course, this was the small room for the Baiyu crew to use as a meeting room.

Xiao Bao, from the issuance of the certificate, was also sitting here. Of course, he was just sitting in the seating area under the podium, watching Officer Ma and the strange woman in front of him discussing something while quietly slacking and playing a recently popular internet game – “Emerald Fantasy.”

On the floor next to Xiao Bao, there was a man named Fei Ying lying. Xiao Bao glanced at him again… What the h.e.l.l happened to this man?

Fei Ying was curled up on the ground as if the men on the s.h.i.+p had a discourse.

With Xiao Bao’s professional gaze, it was not difficult to see that Fei Ying had tears on his eyes’ corners, and he looked sorrowful. En… it’s kind of like those women who were hurt in the a.s.sault case.

In addition, Fei Ying’s mouth was sealed with black tape.

The door of the temporary command room had the sound of knocking. Ma Houde stopped whatever he was doing and made a gesture to Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao nodded immediately. Ma Houde had instructed beforehand. As soon as Xiao Bao saw this gesture, he would need to hide the man named Fei Ying under the table. Of course, Fei Ying wouldn’t be able to escape the fate of getting stuck by the electroshock baton provided by Mu Zi (Xiao Bao was told that Ah Li’s name was Mu Zi).

“I’m sorry, but don’t make any noise. I don’t know how strong the voltage of this thing is. It seems to be modified…” Xiao Bao whispered in Fei Ying’s ear, “Elder brother, you have to cooperate.”

Fei Ying… Fei Ying stared at the floor blankly, like a zombie, letting Xiao Bao fiddle with his body.

Ma Houde opened the door at this time, “Deputy Captain Mu, you’re here?”

Mu Qinghai nodded, walked in, and glanced at this place. He saw a woman beside Ma Houde, and another sitting at the side… He remembered that the person sitting at the side seemed to be an appraisal officer who came by helicopter later on.

Mu Qinghai asked calmly, “Officer Ma, is there a reason that you’re looking for me?”

Ma Houde said calmly, “Deputy Captain, we have something we want you to see… Xiao Bao!”

Xiao Bao nodded quickly, and then promptly paused the game. After ditching his fellow members partic.i.p.ating in a dungeon, he turned on the

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