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Chapter 711 Volume 9 – Chapter 87: Running Away Hurriedly (Part 2)

“Pain.” Liu Zixing said calmly, “It still feels a little painful, even uncomfortable.”

Black Panther’s voice became cold, “Then, you dare to run away?”

“If I don’t run away, I can’t repay the money.”

Liu Zixing shook his head and took out the folded cheque from his s.h.i.+rt. “This cheque was issued by the casino inside, so there should be no problem. The amount written above, including what I owe and with interest, there should be a surplus. You can verify it.”

The Black Panther frowned and stared at Liu Zixing for a few moments, then quickly drew the cheque from Liu Zixing’s hand. He then reached out the car window, and handed it to the driver, “Check on the amount. Is it right!?”

After a while, the driver said quickly, “Boss, it’s at the right amount.”

Brother Black Panther scratched his eyebrows with his hand at this time. He did not speak for a long time. He just looked at the man in the van and suddenly took out a cigar from the cabinet in the back seat, “Do you want a smoke?”

“No, I don’t smoke.” Liu Zixing shook his head.

Brother Black Panther smiled and said, “You don’t smoke, drink, and go for prost.i.tutes but just like to gamble. If you don’t have this hobby, you might be a good man!”

“If there is nothing else, can I leave?” Liu Zixing asked calmly at this time.

He forced himself to be composed because even if he still had superb luck at the moment, he could not guarantee that Black Panther would easily let him go after receiving the money.

Before the time was over, luck could at least guarantee that he would not die. However, he wasn’t sure whether he would be captured or not. He was quite nervous at this time.

Since he had the courage to bet against the mysterious boss, his mentality was no longer the same when he faced Black Panther, at least in the so-called grandeur.

“You won this from the casino inside?”

Liu Zixing nodded.

Brother Black Panther was silent for a while, “The number on the cheque is just right. You seem to have prepared it in advance. You knew I would come?”

Liu Zixing said, “I’m not sure. I’m just guessing. I originally planned to pay off the money, so I just prepared in advance. Since you’re here, I’ll give it to you.”

Brother Black Panther nodded at this time and suddenly patted his thigh, “Okay, let’s part without hard feelings. I’m here for money. I don’t intend to dwell in this further. Since Young Master Liu can pay back the money, I, Black Panther, can forgo this. From now on, we will still be friends. If you come to have fun at my place, you will still be our VIPs!

“Alright.” Liu Zixing nodded.

It wasn’t until after he left Black Panther’s car that he walked to Hou Chen Yuhan’s side. He then looked at these underlings leaving with the van. It came to be inexplicable to him. Did Brother Black Panther let me go just like this?

“Boss, did we just let hi

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