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The wall clock showed it was 9:30 in the evening.

Yet Su Houde had been standing in the corridor ever since 9 p.m. while looked at this s.p.a.cious room.

The smell of paint wafted out from the room along with some soft music. The last student finished checking the counterfeit statue of “David” before heading back home at 9:30 sharp.

This was an art studio.

At present, an art teacher with inspiring temperament, who wore a canvas ap.r.o.n and coiled hair, gave a long sigh. She then revealed a smile of satisfaction on her face, while looked at the empty studio.

She started to clear up the tools and chairs.


Su Houde called her name softly.

Luo Qiu had been with him for the full half hour. He said, “Don’t you want to enter?”

Su Houde thought for a second, then asked, “Does she… remember me?”

Luo Qiu said indifferently, “Do you still remember Tai Yinzi? I’ve asked him something about the Koan Sutra. Every time you complete a part of it, you will leave something behind. Therefore, I think she doesn’t. She won’t either remember the previous you many years ago, who had sculptured jades, or the original herself… so why you do still ask that question? You should already have your answer after observing her for half an hour.”

Su Houde heaved a sigh, “She is Sanniang; however, at the same time, she isn’t… Sanniang’s gaze is different.”

While saying this, Su Houde gritted his teeth and suddenly walked into the art studio.

The young art teacher was called Qin Chuyu, instead of Yu Sanniang. She was astonished by his sudden intrusion, “Sir, it’s closed now. Is something the matter?”

“Sanniang…” Su Houde’s gently said.

Qin Chuyu’s revealed a vigilant look. “Sir, who are you looking for?”

This man did not seem slovenly but, instead, had a pale and gaunt face, which made people be on guard---at least, Qin Chuyu showed a guarded expression.

Su Houde’s heart ached and his face became a shade paler. He lowered his head depressingly, sitting at the side of the drawing board which was separating Qin Chuyu and him.

“Sir, what do you want to do?”

“May I draw a picture? I can pay you… I’ll just stay here for the duration of a picture.”

“Sir, it’s closing time now. If you want to learn to paint, you can come and register tomorrow.”

Nevertheless, Su Houde had already grabbed a Da Vinci V35 from the tool tray, sharpening the nib of the brush to a point by dipping it in water, just like an eyebrow pencil.

He sat perfectly straight, closing his eyes while holding the brush pen and stayed perfectly still.

Qin Chuyu had never seen a person who could concentrate so hard while holding a brush. She couldn’t help frowning---should she call the mall’s guards to get rid of him or find some other way.

While she was thinking about it, this weird man had begun to draw.

He focused on every stroke, an affectionate gaze emerging from his eyes.

Wiping, dyeing, outlining.


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