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The wild energy in the nightclub kept going until midnight. Even until Cheng Yiran left, the atmosphere would not calm down.

How would one describe that? That was a wonderful, ancient, and forceful performance which could touch the audience and cheer them up the most. One could tell how enthusiastic the audience was just like a metal bar on fire.

"Encore---Encore---Encore---Encore!" Cheng Yiran could hear the audience's support while sitting at the backstage...Their voice was so loud as if thousands of people were in the club.

Cheng Yiran sat alone, watching the light from the ceiling. His hands hung along the legs of the chair with a guitar lying on his legs.

The scenes and crazy fans flashed in his mind, which seemed to turn into part of the air, infecting his body and speeding up his blood. In his previous life, he had never a moment like this... where his whole body was ablaze while he got closer to his dream.

This was all because of a magic guitar. He lowered his head and touched the guitar on his legs carefully.

According to what the businessman said, the guitar could make the audience fall in love with the sound it makes. The businessman granted it a heartfelt power---after it was repaired.

Cheng Yiran wanted to share his unbelievable experience and happiness with his partner. But he saw an instant message when he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

"Meeting happily, parting merrily..." His heart turned cold, with his finger pointing at the first contact on his phone.

Tap---tap. Someone was knocking on the door. Cheng Yiran frowned and kept away the guitar while asking coldly, "Who?"

"Manager Dai!"


Looking at the manager who was impolite to him before, Cheng Yiran frowned, "I will leave after sorting out my belongings. Don't worry, I won't trash your place." He understood this man clearly... although he had only signed one contact with him.

"Don't say that, I am not going to kick you out." Manager Dai entered into the room and smiled, "Cheng, I am very pleased with your performance tonight. Would you like to sign a long-term contract with us?"

"A long-term contract?" Cheng Yiran frowned.

Manager Dai continued, "Yes, many customers said that your music was so cool that they would like a second concert." At the same time, He pulled Cheng Yiran's arm to get closer, "Some even said they would never come here again without you."

"Really?" Cheng Yiran frowned.

"Of course!" He patted his shoulder, "I am not lying! Listen, the audience hasn't left yet. They were shouting 'Encore' since you left the stage."

Cheng Yiran smiled inwardly upon hearing the audience was waiting for him. But he felt also terrified of the power from the guitar. He suddenly became lost in his thoughts.

"Cheng? Can you hear me?" Manager Dai grasped his arms lightly.

Cheng Yiran responded, "Manager, I need some time to think about it."

Manager Dai had rich experience dealing with this situation where the singers didn't give him any face once they became famous, especially when he treated the singers badly before. He had a lot of tricks to cope with these young singers because he had a super powerful boss behind the club.

Manager Dai had a high status after working here for many years... but for now, he preferred a gentle way rather than intimidation and bribery.

F*ck... the boy was really good! He made me, a tone-deaf person, attracted to his music!

"Certainly, you should consider it carefully." Manager Dai smiled, "But it would be better to make a decision as soon as possible. You know that our club is so popular that every singer wants to play here. I kept this position open, waiting for a suitable person despite the requests from many people with a stronger background. So time is limited, please give me a reply soon, OK?"

"Sure, I will respond to you as fast as I can" Cheng Yiran nodded and opened the door leaving, "I am tired, I will leave from

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