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Tao Xiaman moved back to her old house ever since her ankle started recovering.

Although there was no water and electricity, Zhou Zihao accompanied with her and helped her fixed it all. They lived here while waiting for Master Zhou. Occasionally, Tao Xiaman would like to go to the noodle shop and ordered noodles with her fiancé.

Sometimes, she would meet and chat with Jiang Xiaomei on the way to the supermarket. They would talk about their childhood as if time went back to the days when they were young.

Unfortunately, Tao Xiaman failed to meet the young man who bought noodles as well as Master Zhou. In the end, she had to leave the old house and prepared for her wedding.

Tao Xiaman closed the door and put the key back to the original place. She left… No.33, Second Lane, Jihua Road.. with Zhou Zihao.



Old Feng watched the sunset on the grounds alone. In the old man's world, he liked to see himself as the setting sun. His mood was as peaceful as the burning cloud but his life seemed a little different.

The difference was not because Fatty Zhang would pester him to learn skills, nor the respect shown by other prisoners. He found out there was a different 'Old Feng' from Zhou Xiaokun during the days he left.

However, those were not the key points. He felt that his obsessiveness was gone, although he still slept with that old photo like before. In his eyes, the burning cloud was changed by winds and finally, it turned into beautiful streamers at a wedding.

"Tomorrow will be her big day." Old Feng whispered. Later, he saw Luo Qiu appear in front of him.

Luo Qiu was enjoying the sunset too. He said to Old Feng lightly, "Tomorrow will be the last day of our deal. You can leave and attend her wedding. Of course, you can also choose to stay here, but we will still collect our payment. "

"No need." Old Feng smiled, "I am pleased that Zhou Zihao and her new family treats her well. Her wedding will be fantastic. That's enough."

Luo Qiu nodded. He stood up and bowed to the old man. "I will do as your wish."

Old Feng shook his head without a word.

"But you gave me a great memory. Please enjoy a surprise from me… my dear customer."

"Em?" Old Feng was stunned but Luo Qiu disappeared right now. It was dark outside and he knew he had to go back.

However, before he could head back, an officer came toward him. "Feng Guichun, someone is looking for you."



Old Feng followed the officer with mixed emotions while thinking of Luo Qiu's words. He asked, "Sir, whom we are going to meet?"

"It's Officer Lin from the police station," the jailer replied.

"Oh..." Old Feng nodded… He seemed to have overthought things.

Old Feng saw a young person in the special interrogation room. He must be Officer Lin.

"Sir, what can I do for you?" Old Feng got nervous. He thought that the officer came for the case of Fatty Zhang and Long Qiang.

Lin Feng said nothing but stared at him, which made Old Feng anxious, "Sir?"

"Are you Feng Guichun?" Lin Feng asked.


Lin Feng stood up suddenly and walked toward the door. He said to Old Feng,"Congratulations on your daughter's wedding," and then left.

Old Feng was confused… He wondered why Officer Lin Feng came here to say 'congratulations' to him. He had been wanting to hear that sentence but he didn't dare to hear it. The people around him, Zhou Xiaokun and Fatty Zhang, didn't dare say it either.

He didn't know why Officer Lin specially came to him… just to say 'congratulations'?

Old Feng took a deep breath. He sank into deep thought while his daughter busied herself with preparations in the evening before the wedding.

He thought of Luo Qiu's words, which made him have an impulse to ask for the ability to leave, but he fought it off.

The door opened again, Old Feng asked subconsciously, "Officer Lin, what are you going to do? Are you laughing at me?" But there was n.o.body outsid

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