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It might be a coincidence or an accident if landslide just happened alone. But it would be impossible to take it as either an accident or a coincidence because even the fishermen’s boats were completely destroyed.

The young village officer frowned, "It’s like a planned conspiracy."

Lui Chaosheng had no idea, "We need to find a way to send him to the county hospital as soon as possible because his heartbeat is very weak. I don’t know how long he can live."

"Let me ask the secretary!" Little Du said.

This might be the only way they could think of.

Lui Chaosheng nodded, "I can prescribe some medicine to help him live longer ."

While saying this, Lui Chaosheng turned to look at Luo Qiu and the group with an air of apology, "Sorry, I didn’t think of this accident. I wanted to help you find Lui Hai… I’m sorry that I have to deal with him now. I probably won’t have time to take care of you."

"That’s all right. Go ahead. Don’t worry about us." Ren Ziling said.

Lui Chaosheng nodded without words, then walked into the consultation room.

The group discussed for a while, finally decided to follow the original plan to look for the person first--- as to the patient, the local officers would have more ways than outsiders.


A loud sound was heard when they went out.

Lizi covered her belly, revealing a look of embarra.s.sment. It turned out that it was already 1 o’clock in the afternoon but they were too busy to have any food after breakfast.

"Let’s find a place to eat something." Luo Qiu looked at Ren Ziling, "Your stomach is not that strong in the first place."

Ren Ziling covered her belly too to ease Lizi’s embarra.s.sment, "Alas, I’m hungry too… Yiyun, how about having some food first? or we won’t have any energy left to look for your father. We will starve ourselves before we find him, that’s not what you want, right?"

The girl could only nod…It was not their obligation to help her but they still did. So she felt sorry to let them starve. "Then let me treat you. There’s a decent noodles restaurant in front!"

"Great!" Ren Ziling accepted her kindness directly.

If she didn’t, the girl would feel more apologetic.

But unexpectedly, Luo Qiu still saw a familiar face in that noodles restaurant---He b.u.mped into Momo.

The young master of Dragon Tiger Mountain was already here before them. He was now eating the second bowl of noodles.

Since the restaurant is not big, every customer could be easily seen with only one glance.

Momo was eating while scrolling his cellphone. When he saw them entering, a mouthful of noodles hung in his mouth and then slowly dropped into the bowl.

Momo quickly wiped off the oil left on his mouth. When he was about to stand up, he saw Luo Qiu looking at him and shaking his head.

Momo deemed that this senior didn’t want to talk to him or to attract any attention.

Because the girl from the resort was following with him.

But he could still listen to their conversation to know more about this senior.

So he concentrated on his eyes immediately, trying to utilize the superpower of Taoism to improve his eavesdropping ability.

"Is this the stupid guy last night?" Subeditor Ren had sharp eyes, "How come he is here too?"

Momo… pretended as if he didn’t hear it, continuing eating his noodles.

Lizi made a ‘hush’ gesture by placing her finger on her lips, saying, "Don’t look for trouble, Sister Ren… that guy doesn’t look like a good guy."

Momo… only added a spoon of chilli paste to his bowl.

Luo Qiu sat down.

After sitting down, his feet kicked hard, moving the chair to aside. The leg of the wooden chair rubbed against floor tiles, producing a sharp sound.

Like sc.r.a.ping gla.s.s.

A normal person wouldn’t bear such a strident sound---Therefore, it was like a thunder for the young master of Taoism who was utilizing his eavesdropping ability!

The exploding noise made him choke by

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