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Creatures suspected of existing in the Cretaceous age should belong to the turtles species of that era ---ancient turtles, no matter from what kind of perspective.

Before becoming the new club boss, Boss Luo was also a genuine paleontology student who definitely knew the biological significance of finding such an old turtle.

This unimaginable vitality perhaps helped humans to know the limitations of life, which may even be greatly improved. What remained was the study of the genetic map, the biological evolution of the third planetary planet in the solar system. Moreover, it understood spiritual communication and therefore was fully capable of helping humans to simulate the true situation of the Cretaceous Age.

It was not a monster but probably lived longer than any of the existence of monsters. This ancient sea turtle clearly witnessed the great miracle of life.

Luo Qiu's interest was getting stronger.

"Do you have a name... Is there any others of your species?"

"I don’t have a name." The ancient turtle slowly answered, "The same species...there used to be some a long long time ago, but they pa.s.sed away. I have seen a lot of guys like me but they were not of the same kind like me. They were just similar to me in terms of appearance."

Luo Qiu nodded... If there were still a lot of the similar kind of creatures existing, some news about them surviving out there should already be spreaded throughout these years. In other words, this was probably the last guy who survived since the Cretaceous era.

"By the way, why are you in this place... uh, sleeping?"

"Is it weird? I've been sleeping in this place all the time." The ancient sea turtle said, "I changed my place of slumber many times. There was once when a lot of huge stones with fire suddenly fell from the sky and the ground has been smashed, even the sea turned topsy-turvy. So I had to move to another place. The second time, the volcanoes in the sea began to erupt and I had to leave. After that, the whole world became extremely cold, more than my limit of endurance, thus I also had to find a warmer place..."

The ancient turtle kept talking about his history of moving from one place to another for a long time. However, it also said that it forgot about the reason for moving for so many times. It could be due to the overtly long years. It seemed because of the long years, its memory had become blurred, or even forgotten them.

"Oh, I didn’t move here a long time ago. And I remember a sudden terrifying shake coming from the ground. Two huge things dropped from the sky... those things were horrible, razing the place at a lightning speed. Then, thick smoke like those coming from volcano eruption directly rushed into the sky. After that, an object that made me feel uncomfortable emerged in both the air and the sea, so I had to leave the place where I like to sleep."

Luo Qiu opened his mouth... According to the ancient turtle’s description, it might have

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