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The building of Yingchuan.

One could call it a shopping mall as there were many stores in this building from the first floor to the fifth floor.

Yingchuan building was a popular place, attracting mostly the younger people for selling cuisines, clothes and also jewelry.

But this didn't mean the business here was good as there were too many similar stores nearby. The shop owner could, maybe, at most make one deal a day.

So, the shopkeepers, when seeing a customer come in, would be very happy to raise prices… oh, no. They would serve the consumers with their "enthusiasm".

"Dear customer, come in please! We have the latest fas.h.i.+on accessories. Would you like this silver accessory, which was made of pure silver… How about the pink crystal? It will bring you good luck. Buy one for your pretty girlfriend, how beautiful she is!"

The excellent verbal talent made Luo Qiu feel humbled.

Yes, the consumers here were You Ye and her master, Luo Qiu.

"Excuse me, have you seen such a necklace recently?" You Ye showed the shop owner a picture on her phone.

A black necklace with a crystal inlaid.

"It… seems a little familiar," the shop-woman paused and then said, "But it is very common…would you like to buy a similar one? Please look, their shapes are almost same! If you buy one, we can give you a big discount…"

The woman stopped talking suddenly as Miss. Maid pointed to her forehead quickly.

In the meantime, Luo Qiu was looking at the jewelry as well as listening to the conversation between Miss. Maid and the woman.

"Can you remember if you have seen this necklace three months ago?"

The actions of Miss. Maid made the woman sink into deep consciousness. To put it simply, it was a hypnosis technique which could allow the woman to gather her memory fragments from the past days.

"It was three months ago…" The old lady watched her shop for a while and said, "I remembered…it was a man who sold his goods to me for a low price, claiming that these were crystals with a high quality. So I bought some. But they did not sell well… It seemed that a woman bought one of them."

"Did you remember what the man looked like… Relax, I believe you can do it… relax."

At the same time, Miss. Maid provided the old lady with the a pencil and paper and kept her fingers pointing at the woman's forehead.

It could be seen that the old lady was drawing something with pencil on the paper… It was a portrait of the salesman.


"Master, I think she has answered most of what she knows." Miss. Maid walked to Luo Qiu with the paper in hand.

Luo Qiu moved his eyes from the jewelry to the paper for a glance… It was a lifelike drawing.

However, Luo Qiu had no idea about the salesman on the paper.

This man was quite a normal person with an obvious mole on his face while wearing a pair of gla.s.ses.

"Did the woman sell them all out?"

"No, only then one sold to Zhao Ru." You Ye opened the box under the counter and added, "The others are here… According to what the woman said, these are not easy to sell so that she placed the box under the counter."

Luo Qiu picked up one from the box and touched. He said, "They are different."

"Maybe that one was mixed among them."

Luo Qiu smiled and closed the box, "Based on what we found, someone released them into the market on purpose, regardless of whether the black jewelry of Mr. Liu or the crystal kept by Zhao Ru. The necklaces contain the same power inside, which is similar to our hall. Both of them can dig into the deep heart of human beings… Interesting."

You Ye said lightly, "They can't be compared to the hall as these necklaces can only initiate wicked ideas but not inner peace."

Luo Qiu smiled without saying anything.

"Master, Let me check if the salesman lives in this city."

"No need." Luo Qiu shook his head, "We can meet him someday."

Miss. Maid knew clearly that Luo Qiu had an accurate presentiment

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