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Chapter 242 Antonio didn’t Want to Talk to Boss Luo, and Threw a Piece of Mud toward Him

When Oleg came to school, he was told that his son was found playing truant during the last lesson, which was only found out when the cla.s.s was over.

The teacher was going to make a phone call to Oleg but it was already the pick-up time after school.

"Playing truant? Why did he want to do so?" Oleg asked with puzzlement.

The teacher had to look up to see this strong Siberian man clearly. He frowned, "Mr. Oleg, this should be the question for you. I remember that I’ve informed you twice this week and asked you to come to school to talk about the problem regarding your son but you seem not to give me a formal reply."

Oleg apologized, "I'm sorry, I am a truck driver and I’m always busy with work. So I don’t have any spare time. Sending and picking him up everyday on time is the most I can do."

The teacher shook his head, "Sir, is there anything more important than your family? Sorry, I'm not criticizing your way of living but Antonio is just a kid, please pay more attention to his emotions. I'm going to call the police because Antonio is too young, he may be in danger after leaving the school."

"No," Oleg shook his head, "I think I know where he is... well, goodbye."

"Mr. Oleg, Mr. Oleg! O..." The teacher sighed and shook his head while seeing the strong man go far.

Eventually, the teacher watched Oleg driving a dark yellow truck onto the road.

The servant girl bought plenty of things in this time’s shopping.

Two people carried two big bags of things separately, walking along the street in Moscow.

It was the time for the sun to set.

Luo Qiu had gotten used to the lifestyle of carrying something back home after going shopping in the supermarket once or twice a week. However, the servant girl didn’t think that her master should do such labourious work.

Of course, they had no dispute.

"Actually it’s good to walk back, we can also view the scenery on the street in the meantime."

Boss Luo's mood was good since he had come to Moscow. And the servant girl who didn’t insist her thoughts after realizing the new boss didn’t tend to enjoy that kind of life.

In this place of Lat.i.tude 15 degrees N, the temperature in the evening was only about 20 degrees even in summer.

The temperature was cool but people on the street were heated.

Luo Qiu casually sized up the streets and pedestrians under the setting sun. Suddenly, he stopped and focused on the other side of the street thoughtfully.

This time You Ye arranged everything concerning his travel to Moscow--- including the temporary place to live.

It was a temporary but very exquisite apartment... As for the rent, Luo Qiu didn’t think he needed to care about that.

But this way was not the direction to the apartment.

Hence, Boss Luo decided to change the direction directly. They walked towards… the park.

Some women were playing with their children in the park. Also, some seniors sat on the bench and looked at the sky with tobacco pipes in their mouths.

Meanwhile, a boy was sitting on the swing set, carrying a bag. The swing was unmoved.

He had a maroon curly hair with a touch of freckles on his face and a short figure.

He was probably about 10 years old

"Would you like to have some?"

Suddenly, the little boy heard the voice. He looked up and saw a dark-haired guy pa.s.sing him a piece of chocolate.

The boy was stunned but lowered his head quickly. His feet thrust against the sand forcibly, the swing started to move.

Luo Qiu didn’t mind. Sitting on the next swing seat, he tore the chocolate wrapping paper, breaking off a small piece and put it into his mouth.

At the moment when he broke the chocolate, a crisp sound was heard and attracted the boy's attention but it was turned to the other side soon.

"Well, I'm feeling better. Someone said that eating something sweet will help brighten up your mood."


The kid’s feet suddenly took an emerge

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