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They didn't find any other lights on the way. The only lights were those of the lakeside cottage.

What were the odds of meeting two groups that took a wrong turn at this remote place in less than half an hour?

They had to look at the house owner unconsciously.

But meanwhile, they also found a curious expression on the face of this young oriental man who was called Luo Qiu--- In other words, it meant Luo Qiu was surprised by the sudden knock.

Branham, Len, and their girlfriends looked at each other.

This was a completely subconscious behavior, as if they could see the nervousness hiding in their peers' eyes.

"Let me go take a look," You Ye softly said.

Luo Qiu nodded, watching You Ye leave, while drinking a sip of water, "What a lively evening."

They didn't know more about the owner, except his nationality; At the same time, it attracted the young people's curiosity---especially with only a master and a weak-look maid, who lived in such a remote place.

Gloria couldn't help asking curiously, "Luo Qiu, aren't you two afraid of living here? Oh my G.o.d, it's extremely quiet. Will some wild beast suddenly show up?"

"It's fine, it has a very good scenery during the day," Luo Qiu responded.

Len didn't want to only be a listener in this conversation, so he chipped in, "Mr. Luo Qiu, what's your job? It must not be easy to purchase a lakeside house."

Len's words attracted the three others gaze, which made him feel regretful.

It's impolite to suddenly ask the job of a stranger.

"Oh ... I'm sorry." Len quickly apologized as waving his hand.

"It doesn't matter." Luo Qiu smiled and took another sip of water, "I'm just doing some small businesses, selling some things to others."

"Well ... Hasn't Miss You Ye come back? I'm afraid for her wellbeing." Allie suddenly looked toward the door.

"Don't worry." Luo Qiu said softly. "Eat, it's getting cold."

At this time, Miss Maid came back, bowing down to talk to Luo Qiu. Then, Luo Qiu nodded with a smile.

The servant girl turned to leave after.

When the door had been opened, a man with a black hat was seen at the doorway.

He had a very clean and gentle face. The body was also very slender... like a male model on the T stage. He looked between 20-30 years old.

And very polite.

By the way, he also carried an old leather suitcase.

It was large enough to completely covered his back.

When seeing the maid opened the door, he suddenly took off his hat and placed it on his chest, with slight nod. "I never expected to see such a beautiful lady here."

"Thank you."

I smelled the good flavor of the food from a far place, so I came here." The man smiled, "Forgive me for my hungry stomach, there seems to be no place around so I came by here…"

Looking the beautiful miss's smile which was getting happier, the man smiled gently, "Of course, I will pay for it."

"Hold on please."

The man put do

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