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"Marina, pack your things quickly, we are about to leave!"


On the other side of the door, the little girl was busy packing her school bag because her mother was about to send her back to school immediately. But at this moment, the little girl stopped.

Because someone was tapping the window of her house at this time. The girl tilted her head, opened the window and saw a familiar face.

"Antonio, how are you here?" Marina asked curiously.

"Marina, I’ve ran away from home!" Antonio said with a trace of pride, looking at Marina, "Will you come with me?"

Marina was puzzled, "Why should I run away from home with you? Antonio, running away from home is wrong. You will make Mr. Oleg sad. You should go back and apologize to him."

Antonio said, "Marina, I like you, that’s why I came to find you."

Marina shook her head, "But I don’t like you, Antonio! I like older guys who are more mature... my mother is calling me. Bye, Antonio, hopefully I can see you at school."

"Marina! Marina!"

Ignoring Antonio’s calling, the little girl Marina closed the window quickly and pulled the curtain.

Antonio lowered his head in disappointment while Marina left the house from the front door and explained something to her mother.

"What? Ran away from home?"

Marina's mother gave a start and quickly bypa.s.sed to the back of the house but she could only see the Antonio’s back climbing over the fence.

The lady called him, but it was too late. She frowned, "Marina, go get the mailing list. I think I need to contact Mr. Oleg now."


Although Antonio failed in his courting but he didn’t seem to be as sad as he had imagined--- his mood recovered very quickly.

Because he was walking in the lively street at this time.

Usually at this time, he probably had to sit well at school and wait for the teacher.

So everything Antonio met at this time seemed fancy to him. Antonio made a pleasant laughter. Both of his hands opened and he hopped along the street imagining he was flying.

He had brought all his possessions out of the house---more than 8,000 rubles---his schoolmates always talked about their own 'property’ but they mostly used the ‘property’ to buy useless toys or snacks.

‘Those students are too naïve! They don’t even know how to make good use of their own 'wealth'!’

"A cup of coffee and a sandwich, please."

Sitting on the chair of the café--- this was where Antonio had successfully climbed up with effort---because the chairs were of the size for adults.

Antonio felt that he was equal to the adults around him, so he also ordered some food.

"Boy, is this what your parents asked you to buy?"

"No, it’s for myself." Antonio said in an old voice.

Who knew ‘the old voice’ in his mind gave a totally adverse feeling to the shop a.s.sistant---The shop a.s.sistant frowned, "Boy, trust me, coffee is not suitable for you. A gla.s.s of milk is much more than a cup of coffee.

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