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yoga-health-blog > Trafford\'s Trading Club > Chapter 245 When Antonio met Nikita
In the afternoon.

Oleg drove his yellow pickup truck to almost everywhere in the city for more than 8 hours, but he still couldn’t find Antonio.

"I should not have hit him."

Oleg couldn’t help blaming himself deeply.

Since seven years ago, when only Antonio himself entered his life, this little kid was the sole power that supported him to survive.

"Antonio, you better be safe."

Oleg was not a Christian, but he was more devout than those ordinary believers and himself of the past.

However, he felt that such piety was more or less hypocritical. When some trouble came, he only remembered going to pray, which was sort of utilitarian.

Finally, the sky turned the same color as the yellow pick-up truck, which was still running in this bustling city.

Oleg's sight was merely focused on the boys who were a little bit taller than the hydrant, so he didn’t notice that a pair of eyes was looking at him at the moment the pickup truck turned.

The source of it came from--- a very strong body.

How strong was it?

From the pa.s.serby's perspective, the feeling was probably like that this guy was as strong as a brown bear!

Antonio looked at this familiar pickup truck slowly pa.s.sing by him. He clearly saw Oleg sitting on the driver's seat.

Perhaps because he grew up, Antonio felt his vision became very good--- so he could clearly see the hint of anxiety cracked on Oleg's face.


Antonio unconsciously moved his lips as the moment the pickup truck pa.s.sed by. He even intended to wave his hand, but Oleg didn’t notice him at all.

Looking at the pickup truck entered another street, Antonio talked to himself, "Dad can’t recognize me... I really got bigger!"

Antonio looked at his shadow showing on the gla.s.s window of the street store, and felt more and more satisfied to himself after growing up--- Well, when he left the factory, he quietly stole a suit of clothes from the neighbor’s yard, or he’d be naked at this time.

"Sir, what can I do for you?" The store clerk came out--- this was a bakery.

Antonio thought for a while, "Can I have this chocolate cake?"

The feeling of being an adult was really good---He could buy whatever he liked, no one was nagging around and saying ‘don’t do this and don’t do that’.

Antonio enjoyed the cake as wandering on the streets--- he found that many people will look toward him, especially those big sisters, who seem to enjoy watching him.

But he didn’t understand why these big sisters smiled at him, even occasionally blinking their eyes ---And, a big sister knocked into him and pinched his chest.

He felt itchy.

"Hey! Baby, do you want to go have a drink together?"

"Ah, sorry, I'm going to find my friends. We have an appointment to play video games this day of every week!"

"Oh really... Well, bye."

Then the big sister's smile suddenly disappeared, leaving without hesitation--- Antonio was puzzled, scratching his hair, and wondering if he should agree to her request.

"I’m now an adult, should I agree to her request next time? This is what an adult is..."

As thinking about it secretly, someone rushed to him from the front.

This man even shouted, "Step aside! Step aside! Step aside!"

And two strong men followed him--- the person shouting was being chased by the two.

He... and two strong men were running by Antonio at this time. Antonio opened his mouth, apparently he recognized the person chased by the two men, "Uncle Nikita?"

"You cannot escape."

Nikita, who was finally stopped in a poor alley, looked worriedly at the wall in front of him--- why there was a wall here? Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d and what time did he build it?

No matter how he swore the wall builder, he had to face the fact that there was no way for him to escape.

Nikita had to turn around and press his hands on face, trying to negotiate with them, "Hey, dude, if you kill me here, you won’t get the mo

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