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While sitting on a bench in Riverside Park, Shen Meihuan was speaking of the past to her son.

Long ago, she always took her boy here for a stroll as well as to enjoy the night scene of this city after supper. Of course, Gu Feng accompanied her during those times.

Ironically, those days were the happiest moments of this step-family. Although she was unwilling to remember anything about Gu Feng anymore.

Shen Meihuan wore a sunbonnet in order to hide her appearance. However, the wind today was exceptionally strong so her hat was blown away.

"Wait for me". She stood up and said.

Her son, who was sitting straight on the bench, nodded. He still didn't say anything, but at least he had a reaction. It was a good sign that he could understand what she meant, wasn't it?

Not long after Shen Meihuan left, a man--- the club boss sat on the bench. It seemed that no one noticed him.

"What are you thinking now?" He spoke, as if to himself, while looking at the river in front.

Of course, the boy sitting here wouldn't reply to him, and the club boss didn't ask anymore.

Luo Qiu tried to feel the boy's thoughts through what he was looking at. Even if he knew better than anyone else that this boy was far from a real person.

It had been a long time since the boy had fallen down from a tall building and sent to the morgue.

He was saved as per Shen Meihuan's expectations. However, what she could afford was at most allowing him to regain his physical functions, and perhaps a faint sense of consciousness.

"Any obsessiveness? Will you hate your mother?"

Luo Qiu stopped observing and looked at the boy. He saw boy's eyelids flickering slightly and wondered if this was an answer to his question.

Luo Qiu nodded, and stood up. It was time to leave.

Shen Meihuan was coming back with her hat. And Luo Qiu, was merely here to see the boy who should have been dead.

Shen Meihuan didn't see or realized that anyone had been here with her son. She scurried over and tugged at the boy's hand to leave after looking at the sky.

Luo Qiu gazed silently at the receding figures of the mother and child. With hands behind his back, He suddenly looked into the other corner, where there was also a set of eyes, silently watching them.

With a mask and hat, and a pair of sungla.s.ses, it was hard to see his appearance clearly. But for sure, he had started to take action and followed Shen Meihuan.

HIs head was low, looking very suspicious. What was he thinking about?

Knowing that the suspicious-looking man had left, the club's boss turned back and disappeared into the crowd... Did anyone know he had been here?

The answer was, NO.

Lizi put a pencil between her nose and upper lip, balancing well and keeping it from falling down. This was the only thing she could do in this boring cla.s.s.

Otherwise, she thought she would fall asleep at her desk. After all, staying here couldn't be more attractive tha

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