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"Here? The homeless?"

Officer Ma and Ren Ziling decided to come to make an arrest after gathering enough policemen.

Ren Ziling nodded, "All the homeless around are making a living by collecting sc.r.a.ps. I know a guy running a salvaging station near here. They said a weird woman came by recently. Do you see the black part inside? Right there."

Ma Houde gaped, "I didn't expect Zhao Ru who loves cleanliness to hide in such area."

It was a very long and dirty alley with paper boxes, steel iron and household garbage strewn everywhere.

An ordinary young woman would not approach this area.

"Lin Feng, go to the other side, let's surround her!" Ma Houde said.

Subeditor Ren stopped the two policemen, "Wait. She cannot escape but I have to say something."

"…My G.o.d, do you want to get involved?" Officer Ma felt terrible.

But Ren Ziling glared at him, "What?! I'm taking care of myself, OK? I won't do dangerous things from now on! Anyway, I want to ask, that how much is the fee for this tip-off? Don't you dare deny me my money!"

Ma Houde asked back, "Why do you always insist on asking for these? I've given you so much through the whole year."

"F*ck! I have to pay for the apartment, car; and my son is studying in a university, he needs to pay tuition fees and expenses for his daily life." Ren Ziling added, "And he has a girlfriend now, of course he has to spend money on her. Furthermore, there is also the soaring price of commodities!"

"OK,OK, I'll pay it soon." Ma Houde calmed Ren Ziling down.

But he felt terrible inside.

That year, when Brother Luo died, she gathered many peers and had them sign a guarantee of supervision.

To hold all of Brother Luo's wealth, to ensure that his son can inherit it after university.

It was a large amount of a.s.sets that could let her live well…

But she didn't use any penny of it.

She had a strong personality, fighting to earn money by herself these years.

Officer Ma thought of applying for more claims. When he looked back to Ren Ziling, he found she was staying in the car.

Speaking of which, the recent traffic tickets... do not seem to have appeared yet?

Officer Ma shook his head and concentrated on today's task. Waving his hand, he asked Lin Feng to go to the other side of the alley so that they could encircle the escaped criminal inside.

Zhao Ru was still thinking about how those handcuffs broke. She remembered a policewoman fainting and the door being unlocked… Therefore, she could easily leave the hospital.

But she still hadn't received an answer until now. Anyway, she got her freedom.

She was staying in this tiny paper house.

Hugging her knees, she leaned against the wall and played around with the pendant, as if waiting for something.

Suddenly, Zhao Ru heard footsteps; some people were walking towards her.

They were getting close to her…

Zhao Ru held her breath, reaching for a knife behind her back.

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