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A large number of consumers, though they came here, were actually not for the so-called band.

This famous "Germanic Chariot" band was just a publicity stunt… because in the end, this was a nightclub.

A place to have sensory stimulation and self-indulgence.

However, it was undeniable that this nightclub was really luxurious. In the hall of the nightclub, there were four or five hundred people if roughly estimated, including the staff and the ladies... Maybe more.

Of course, the rooms here were mostly empty, because they all came out to join in the fun.

At this point.

A beautiful woman suddenly took two cups of 'Gin-Fizz' from the wine tray of the nightclub. The wine waiter smiled and thought she was a customer.

But when he looked at the beautiful woman enter the crowd, the impression in his mind gradually faded away. At last, he vacantly looked at his tray and surprisingly muttered, "Huh, did I take two cups less?"

Gin-Fizz, which suited the master's taste here, was the only thing that Miss Maid found--- Of course, she was more willing to make it herself.

But the master said, "Since we're here, do as the Romans do."

Seeing You Ye come from the crowd, the club boss who sat in front of a bar counter in one corner smiled.

He took a cup of "Gin-Fizz" from You Ye and lightly touched it with hers, "May I have a drink with the most beautiful woman tonight?"

You Ye raised her wine and softly replied, "Cheers."

No one would disturb the time between the boss and Miss Maid, because they did not exist for everyone here.

You Ye smiled and she slightly opened her lips to let the colorless "Gin-Fizz" flow into her mouth.

As an alchemy puppet, she didn't need to drink or she couldn't drink, but it didn't mean she couldn't have this action.

If the food was solid, she would directly burn them into black flame---and with the swallowing action of her throat, there would be no difference from a human.

And the simple drink would also become a black flame before they entered Miss Maid's throat… Of course, if it was just liquid, it would naturally be drunk into her body without being burned.

There were many pipes in Miss Maid's body.

They could flow the liquid in her body, allowing them to evaporate as a real person through the body surface. As for the residues, they would also be incinerated.

This was superfluous--- so even if she had such an ability, she hardly used it.

But it didn't mean that it would never be used.

For example, at this moment, Miss Maid didn't choose to incinerate it but used the most tedious way.

"Will it be too noisy, master?"

"It's OK."

Luo Qiu sitting on a high stool and leaning on a cabinet looked around the hall and suddenly joked, "Don't you think this place is more suitable for me now?"

Luo Qiu put his Gin-Fizz down; then he pressed his hands on Miss Maid's shoulder and turned her around, "Look."

He whispered in You Ye's ear, an

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