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Su Zijun didn't feel amazed at all, although there were so many rare creatures surrounding her which were never discovered by humans. So she couldn't understand why Luo Qiu would be so interested in them---as if he saw them for the first time.

Luo Qiu could traverse the land and sea, appearing in the depths of the sea in one moment... As an owner of such power similar to a G.o.d, he must have met many creatures. Su Zijun was more and more confused about the mysterious club owner---Of course, she didn't plan to understand him. She wished to get far away as much as she could after the transaction.

The club was indeed convenient. Everyone could get what they wanted just by paying the price...Su Zijun didn't think this kind of deal was healthy as a being who had lived for ages.

"You can take photos when you come here next time." Su Zijun was impatient.

"Oh... Sorry." Luo Qiu apologized. "I forget everything upon seeing this scene for the first time... Wow, this is really a wonderful place." As a paleobiology student, the animals in the deep sea attracted him most.

'The first time? What a lie.' Su Zijun didn't believe him at all... She snorted and moved back toward the other direction in the sea. Soon, Luo Qiu followed her.

Strictly speaking, the seabed on which the burial mound was located in was not the real deep part of the sea. There was no resources which could be detected... On the contrary, Luo Qiu saw some sunken wrecks.

"It seemed that there was a fierce sea battle that happened here."

"Do you want to take some photos again?" Su Zijun asked directly.

Luo Qiu smiled but his gaze fell to the front---He saw some blue light spots in the dark accidentally, which were undiscovered marine life.

The front was a huge trench---which was narrow at both ends but s.p.a.cious in the middle. The edge of the trench was eroded by the water and seemed like the wrinkles, but it still could be seen as a straight and flat diamond.

"There are some bones, too." Luo Qiu stood at the edge and looked curiously, "The bones don't belong to marine organisms."

Su Zijun said calmly, "They are sirens. They rose during ancient chaotic times near the coastlines."

Luo Qiu said, "They are extinct now. At least, the satellite didn't capture any strange species."

Su Zijun glanced at Luo Qiu, "The monsters in the deep sea died out for no reason. Seven hundred years before, a siren king led the deep sea monsters to fight against monks and land monsters for occupying the land and reducing the extinction of marine monsters... From then on, the human monks and our monsters went into a decline... but the marine monsters were almost extinct."

Su Zijun shook her head, "No more words, let's go ahead to save time." After that, Su Zijun jumped into the deep trench without a word.

Luo Qiu was stunned and stopped talking... He couldn't say it directly, 'If you told me, I didn't have to buy the information and waste my resources

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