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This time, Tai Yinzi heard it all in a ‘kneeling’ posture.

Of course, it wasn’t that he really knelt on the ground, but it was just an intuitional feeling--- This was not because this guy sang badly and could not even carry the tune midway, or that he sang in a sobbing tone and choked with sobs in the end.

Instead, when this guy, who was a hopeless man in his perspective, stood on the stage and faced hundreds of audience on the set and thousands of audiences in front of their TVs. He started to reveal his inner world.

This guy started to transform--- Not to the degree for him to adore as a Black Soul, however, at this moment, this guy became attractive.

Apparently, this originally hopeless trash… took his first step, marching towards becoming a man with hope.

In the last row of the set, his boss revealed a slight hint of a smile--- Tai Yinzi knew he would probably lose the bet.

He didn’t think that he would fail due to his actions… He regretted letting Zhuge surrept.i.tiously catch a glimpse of Nanako’s real ident.i.ty--- Unexpectedly, such a change became the inducement for Zhuge to be reborn.

However, human is a rather miraculous kind of animal. Once they experiencing just one transformation, their spirit would become totally different. As a Taoist of the past, he had his own methods of distinguis.h.i.+ng humans.

"Master… I lost." Tai Yinzi lowered his head.

The old, single ghost took action and thought the club boss wouldn’t be able to pay close attention to every activity that the Black Soul Envoys perform. Therefore, he tried to sneakily win the bet--- but obviously he was misunderstanding something.

Tai Yinzi couldn’t help thinking, that whether some of his senior Black Soul Envoys had experienced such a situation and also had their own selfish calculations before.

He’d followed Black Soul No.9 for a while, feeling that this ‘big brother’ had an extraordinary ability, yet was still loyal. This made him feel inconceivable. However, it made sense after witnessing the dreadful You Ye… and the ability of the boss which confidently knew everything.

In the long run, many Black Soul Envoys had probably tried to resist; however, their determination had been dissipated by the sense of incapability. Finally, they could only attain liberation through enough performances.

"Don’t you want to wait until Zhuge pays his soul?" Luo Qiu asked him with curiosity.

Tai Yinzi shook his head. "No need to do that."

His sneak actions would be realized anyway… He was aware he would have no chance to be forgiven if he cheated again.

Tai Yinzi knew this time, Boss Luo was warning him.

But, as a 500-year-old ghost, he felt awkward being cautioned by this young man.

He didn’t know if he was getting muddled as due to age… or as an ancient person, he couldn’t catch the thought patterns of the new generations in this developed world.

People should show more sincerity!

Watching Luo Qiu now sneaking away, Tai Yinzi hurried to ask, "Master, where are you going?"

"Obviously I’m going back since the customer’s requirement has been fulfilled."

Luo Qiu collected his black cane, wore his hat, turned around and pushed open the safety gate of the set, "There are other customers that I have to meet."

Tai Yinzi gave a start, wondering whether he should ask if he should continue monitoring Zhuge or follow him back.

Abruptly, thunderous applause was given on the set. Some people even stood up.

With lightning speed, one by one, the audience stood up with their loud cheers and applause.

Under the unceasing spotlight and cheers that were loud enough to wake the dead, Zhuge felt exhausted, slumping down on to the stage.

He had done a thing that was unconceivable and miraculous… in just a short dozen minutes.

He had no idea why.

"This feeling… seems good." Such thought emerged in Zhuge’s brain. However soon, Zhuge stood up, because he had no time to feel t

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