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In the carriage of the subway.

Zhuge glanced at the empty seat--- There was a girl on each side, one was fairly ordinary, and the other one should be considered ugly?

Nevertheless, he didn’t take a seat on the empty seat. Looking at the ordinary girl who s.h.i.+fted her position and held her handbag tightly and the other ugly girl who pulled her skirt and moved as well.

It seemed that she would give you more room... but you’d better not come to sit.

Zhuge hesitated for a second and then a young man soon sat on the empty seat. Zhuge fell silent for a while before walking over to the corner of the carriage quietly.

He sighed slightly and opened his phone subconsciously-- -- .

This was a nymph mobile game which carried the function of Live2D. Zhuge would spend half of his salary on this game almost every month.

Opening more functions, purchasing props can improve the affection, more attires, more scenes... But hadn’t unlocked more postures.

This is just a simple mobile game.

Moreover, he could not bear to violate Nanako who was pure and kind, didn’t judge people by appearance and even considerate.

Putting on his earphones, Zhuge delivered the present for this morning.

Nanako: "I am so shy! Did Zhuge have breakfast today?"

Input Method: Yes!

Nanako: "What did you eat? According to the a.n.a.lysis, it seemed that Zhuge has been having unhealthy breakfasts this week? Please pay more attention to your diet."

Input Method: Yes, I got it!

Nanako: "You need to do more sports!"

Input Method: Yes!

In this way, Zhuge forgot the time completely, the gradually crowded carriage, the endless ‘standing time ’ then unknowingly arrived at its end.

When he got to the station, Zhuge squeezed out of the ticket barrier in a hurry. Without a reason, he was suddenly pushed by someone and fell down to the ground directly and the phone dropped out of his hand. At this time the awkward Zhuge burst out into a terrifying quickness. With the force from his both legs and ignoring the pain from the dive, finally, he caught the phone.

People who were rus.h.i.+ng to work didn’t pay much attention to it; as for the one who would notice, it merely furrowed its brows at that moment.

Tai Yinzi was frowning. He had been frowning at the beginning of this morning when Zhuge went out from home...Watching this guy, he really couldn’t stand it anymore, so he gave a secret kick at that very moment.

Nevertheless, the work still needed to be done. Right now Tai Yinzi turned into a gust of ash black mist-- --Normal men couldn’t see it even though it was as black as ash.

This gust of ash black mist twined round Zhuge easily.

Soon after, Zhuge returned to the company--- a simple snack food corporation. He was a clerk in this company. Even though the t.i.tle was secretary, but actually he served as a handyman.

"Zhuge! Please print this doc.u.ment for me!"

"Zhuge, please ord

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