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City Botanical Garden.

Long Xiruo was squatting in front of a few pots of Chinese bellflowers and collecting the leaves while mumbling, "What the f*ck is this botanical garden doing… If this continues, do I have to go to another province for herbs-picking next time? The Chinese bellflowers have no spiritual nature at all."

Of course, she was just simply saying that.

It was very rare and commendable to find Chinese bellflowers with such quality in the city. Long Xiruo sighed, the world was severely polluted now. It was only possible to find flowers and herbs with real spiritual nature by going deep into virgin forests.

‘Let’s go back early.’

Long Xiruo thought of this now but frowned at once. Her gaze was fixed ahead with her pupils contracting slightly. At this moment, her sight went through a row of silver birches.

"Every kind of weird monsters appear in this society."

Snapping his fingers while twisting his body and grabbing his crotch, he danced a nondescript Poppin.

Tai Yinzi had admitted recently that he was brainwashed by rock and roll and couldn’t stop himself.

Of course, the process of seeking potential customers was boring… Nonetheless, ordinary people couldn’t spot the existence of the Black Soul.


Even in this dissonant place--- the botanical garden, nothing could stop Tai Yinzi from dancing crazily with his young heart.

Of course, the process of seeking potential customers had been progressing well.

Tai Yinzi now was looking for the breakthrough to tempt the guy whom he had been following for days.


Well, when did a woman appear? Tai Yinzi was stunned, thinking that he must have lost himself ---Of course, it was normal that a person would show up in a touristic place like this.

But it was a little bit strange… The fluctuation of this woman’s soul couldn’t be felt.

Tai Yinzi frowned… but he could not stop his dance step after getting used to it for these few days. Therefore, he continued twisting his b.u.t.t while beating to the tempo. After glancing at the new potential customer who had already sat down, he moved gradually towards the woman who had suddenly appeared.

From front to rear, left to right, he clapped his hands.

"It’s weird, what’s wrong with this woman?"

Tai Yinzi paused his action after circling a few loops around this woman. He stood in front of her, regaining his decent look and behavior.

But as he was looking at this woman with short hair--- Wow, such a delicate face. According to Tai Yinzi, she was not much different from the scheming servant girl in the club.

Tai Yinzi started to feel odd. He stared at this woman… but she was merely standing still at the same spot. She seemed neither to be waiting for someone nor playing with her cellphone.

Just staring like this… as if she could see through him. Tai Yinzi frowned again, stretching his hands out to wave in front of her eyes--- there was still no reaction.


"You idiot, have you had enough?"

Suddenly, that woman opened her mouth slowly and asked.

Tai Yinzi was stupefied. He looked around unconsciously, before frowning, "Can you see this poor Taoist?"

The woman sneered, "Who else is there except you, shameless idiot?"

Tai Yinzi gaped and moved two steps backwards to keep a distance from this woman. Although his mind became younger recently, he’d never forget the experience of living in the society 500 years ago--- Since she could see the existence of black souls, she was definitely not an ordinary person and it explained the reason why he couldn’t feel the fluctuation of this woman’s soul.

"Who are you?" Tai Yinzi asked carefully.

"That should be the question that I ask you." The woman said coldly, "You furtive psychopath, why are you following that pair of mother and daughter? Even calling yourself a poor Taoist? You’re not even a human or ghost, with no Yang Qi or Yin Qi. W

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