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yoga-health-blog > Trafford\'s Trading Club > Chapter 62 Have You Had a Taste Yourself?
Tu Jiaqing discarded the small sealed bag furiously, trembling, she spat out, “I don’t want it!”

Miss Shu frowned. Without saying a word, she caught Tu Jiaqing’s hair, pulling her to the basin and pressing it down before turning on the tap.

She waited until the water covered Tu Jiaqing’s face. After Tu Jiaqing started struggling, she was pulled back by Miss Shu and her face was held facing the mirror. The secretary then whispered at her ear, “Look at your current appearance, and understand your ident.i.ty. We can either make you popular, or destroy you. Do you think you are the only talent?”

Then, Miss Shu let go of her hand. Tu Jiaqing’s body collapsed limply onto the ground.

Her spirit started to wane, and she had reached her limits for the demand of those small pills.

How could this be?

Tu Jiaqing insanely asked herself, how could this be… It should not be like this.

She exchanged her soul for her sister’s body…without any regrets. Nevertheless, just as everything begun, without being able to write her own songs, nor demonstrate her talent… this body had already become addicted to drugs, since long ago.

What kind of joke is this?

At that moment, Miss Shu picked up the pills from the ground, prying open Tu Jiaqing’s mouth, and forcibly stuffing them in.

Tu Jiaqing didn’t know how she swallowed them. She only felt horrible as the drugs went into her body through her throat. Both her hands grasp her throat, trying to retch them out.

But soon, a spiritual pleasure made her forget everything. Double image started appearing before her eyes. She felt her body becoming light.

A happy feeling spread throughout her whole body, as if her parched body received moisture from the good rain. The fl.u.s.ter, the uncomfortableness and annoyance, gradually started distancing themselves from her.

Her view started to blur and her face started to look better.

Miss Shu made a phone call this time. “Is that KingKong? We’ve found her… Yeah, Miss Tu felt under the weather, come help bring her up… Yes, tell them the meeting will be started soon.”

Tu Jiaqing listened quietly. She felt that nothing mattered anymore due to the drugs, just letting Miss Shu to wipe off the smeared makeup with wet tissues. After Miss Shu finished wiping, she asked her, “Who is this woman?”

“She’s… she’s… my sister’s good friend, haha… Ah… I’m so happy… Fly! Huhu--!! I’m flying! I’m flying! Hee hee---!!”

“Tut!” Miss Shu frowned. “Have you gone mad due to the drugs?”

Miss Shu shook her head. This kind of new drug was strong, yet it only lasted for a short time, merely letting the consumer feel that time pa.s.sed by slower. Due to that effect, the pleasant sensation one could obtain was definitely many times stronger than ordinary drugs. It was almost impossible to stop being addicted to it.

By the time KingKong arrived, she should have returned to her ordinary self.

“Boss.” While Miss Shu opened Ren Ziling’s purse and checked the reporter’s pa.s.s on her neck, she requested instructions from her boss and reported this incident to him.

A deep voice of a man came from the other side of the phone. “A journalist… just play it by ears. Be careful, I need the connections of the Zhong Family, so don’t want anything unpleasant.”

“Got it.”

After a while, Tu Jiaqing regained consciousness. She started to feel scared, panic, and couldn’t calm herself down.

Meanwhile, KingKong called for her at the door.

Miss Shu said coolly, “Remember your ident.i.ty, don’t let your fans down.”

“She… she, how will you deal with her?” Tu Jiaqing asked in fear.

Miss Shu answered stonily, “We have to manage to deal with the mess you made. You’d better know your place. I don’t have much time to spare, yet still have to clean your mess every time… Go out now!”

According to her words, it seemed this was not the first time such a situation had occured.

Tu Jiaqing s.h.i.+vered, lowering her he

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