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The Individual Blown Away by The Wind

This crazy old woman would not be for long in this world.

Fang Ruchang looked at some medical certifications he found in the grey-white sack.

Yang Ping had turned crazy and left, so she definitely would not care about her personal items, which had been picked up by Fang Ruchang. Of course, Fang Ruchang intended to destroy them immediately; however, he knew little about Yang Ping, so he kept the sack for the time being.

As putting it down, Fang Ruchang lighted up a cigarette, smoking slowly while murmuring, "Though she won’t live long, she’ll always be a trouble. I cannot have anyone else know the fact that Jiping is not my biological son."

He gazed at Yang Ping who was outside the car. She was like a zombie wandering the road--- He came after her from the inside to outside of the estate.

The housing estate was located near the river… However, the forest landscape in the estate was nicely designed. People had already gone for work; the riverside path was far away for seniors. Therefore, at present, n.o.body was seen now except for some occasionally pa.s.sing cars.

Fang Ruchang restlessly tucked all the things back into the sack, rus.h.i.+ng out of the car door. He came to the back of Yang Ping, trying to shake the rattle-drum he held.

Hearing the sound, Yang Ping paused her actions, turning about gradually. "Baby Tiger… Baby Tiger… is that you?"

Fang Ruchang glanced at the rattle-drum in his hand and furiously stuffed it into the sack before throwing it into the river. "Look at our son, he’s right over there!"

Yang Ping subconsciously watched the sack flew out and eventually fell into the water, which was the reason she got agitated. Both her hands grasped the handrail on the river bank, "Baby Tiger! Baby Tiger! Mother is coming to save you, don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid!"

She then climbed over it.

Fang Ruchang looked coldly at Yang Ping rolling down the lawn, before finally falling into water, "A lunatic fell into the water, don’t blame anyone else."

The Wu Family was not merely a wealthy family. If they got to know he had been cheating them so many years…

Fang Ruchang mumbled, "Don’t blame me, I won’t give up everything I owned currently, even if there is a little bit possibility…"

Viewing that figure struggling before sinking into the water, Fang Ruchang looked around, driving his car to leave hastily.

There were neither other people nor cars on the road. The timing and place were as if the heavens were helping him. He raised Fang Jiping for over 20 years and knew his son was softhearted and irresolute in nature.

‘Then, let me make a decision for him!’

‘It is not only the iPhone that has such good photography capabilities.’

Looking at the clear photo, Luo Qiu, that came out from nowhere leaned against the handrail near the river. He even heard the sentence said by Fang Ruchang just now.

A figure emerged out of the river slowly and was sent back to the river bank along with the grey sack.

Pressing the save b.u.t.ton, Luo Qiu was lost in thought. In his thoughts, the soul that contained everything in this weak body in front, now seemed so dim and gloomy.

Looking at miserable look showed on Yang Ping’s face, Luo Qiu touched her forehead softly, saying low, "Fall asleep, have a good dream for now."

While grabbing the aunt’s arm, Luo Qiu brought her away from the river bank.

Finally, the layout of the stage had been finished in advance. The manager was nice and had Manman leave early.

While thinking about the matter of having a dinner with her boyfriend in the evening, Manman went back home by bike in a pleasant mood. She intended to take a shower first, because a girl that stank of sweat was impolite.

Perhaps she was too happy, the bike suddenly stumbled over a small stone. Carelessly, she fell off the bike and things rolled out.

Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt.


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